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A research report is an in-depth analysis of the crossborder investment topic that matters to your organisation, supported by solid data, trends and analysis. Our studies enable our clients - including investment promotion agencies, consultancies and corporations - to put forward an academically substantiated and commercially well-constructed case for stakeholders. Our research reports can include - but are not limited to - the following sections:

  • Investment forecasts more
    • The reports can include FDI forecasts by locations and/or sectors. less
  • Competitiveness analysis more
    • Inform your investment strategy or your FDI policy with a detailed assessment of the competitiveness of a location, or the relative advantages of specific industries. less
  • Value added study more
    • Measure the quality of the FDI from a specific sector by using the report's value added analysis. For example you can use this section of the report to decide the sectors your consultancy should focus on in the future, or evaluate the FDI that your location is currently attracting. less
  • Econometric modelling more
    • The reports can use econometric tools to rigorously identify the factors that impact on the topic of study, such as the variables that could have an effect on a long-term corporate investment or influence FDI into a location. less

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