Explore fDi Benchmark

fDi Benchmark is the most reliable online tool to benchmark the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 65 sectors. Its comprehensive location data series covers the main Quality and Cost competitiveness indicators across more than 900 locations globally. Our subscribers can access:

  • Detailed Quality and Cost data more
    • Access over 700 Quality and Cost data points. less
  • Key Location settings more
    • Commentary and graphics throughout the tool are focused on the country or city you set as your 'Key Location'. less
  • Location rankings more
    • Rank locations across a range of data points, comparatively assessing their competitiveness. less
  • SWOT analysis more
    • Understand where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie relative to competing locations. less
  • Adaptable tool interface more
    • You can switch between two distinct modes:
    • - Benchmark mode is based on the sector profile and locations that you select. Data is directly related to your chosen sector profile.
    • - Data mode allows you to access hundreds of raw data points on multiple locations. less
  • fDi attractiveness index more
    • Adjust sensitivity to Cost and Quality outputs to rank the attractiveness of locations for a specific sector profile. less
  • Operating cost model more
    • Provides an annual operating cost calculation with a breakdown by labour, property and utility costs.
    • Salary data available for over 200 job functions. less
  • Insightful data visualisation more
    • A clear perspective of the Cost-Quality trade-off.
    • Interactive charts allow you to customise your graphical output.
    • Our matrix provides an easy to understand map of the Cost & Quality competitiveness of each location. less
  • Custom report builder more
    • Allows you to structure your own reports the way you want - for example design and upload your own cover page and add your contact details to each report. You can also build your custom report as you navigate the tool. less
  • Trends more
    • Trend data is available for a selection of data points, providing you with the historic and current view of locations. less
  • Downloads and exports more
    • Create customised reports and downloads of all outputs in multiple formats. Export charts in PNG, JPEG and PDF formats. less

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