What can our value propositions do for your organisation?

fDi Benchmark Services' value propositions are user-friendly presentations that highlight the unique selling points of a chosen location in a specific sector. Delivered in the format of you choice, the propositions emphasise the distinctive value that a location can offer in a particular industry, combining in one file the data, analysis and trends that matter to potential investors.

  • Promote a location effectively more
    • Benefit from sector specific investment propositions to get a location on the short list.
    • Leverage the thoroughly researched charts and data from the proposition when approaching specific investors. less
  • Highlight a location's key strengths to investors more
    • Use our propositions to show the relative strengths and opportunities of a location vis-à-vis competitor sites. less
  • Save money and time more
    • Avoid a costly research process by outsourcing your research to the fDi Benchmark Services team.
    • Present a fully researched proposition to potential investors in a short time frame.
    • Save time, capital and team resources by quickly accessing information on locations that your organisation can rely on. less
  • Sharpen your marketing & PR more
    • Complement your press releases and marketing material with independent outputs and graphs from the value proposition. less

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