What can our research reports do for your organisation?

You may need a thorough assessment of your location's FDI attraction process; a comparative study of sites where your company may invest; or an in-depth analysis of an investment sector your consultancy is involved with. These are some of the many scenarios where a fDi Benchmark Services' research report - a comprehensive economic study of the factors affecting a topic - will benefit your organisation. Wide-ranging but customised to your specific requirements, our reports utilise academic research and our proprietary data to guide you through the complex choices in the world of modern FDI.

  • Incorporate the report's economic forecasts into your strategy more
    • Our forecasts cover the locations or sectors that matter to your organisation. less
  • Understand the global, regional and local investment landscapes more
    • Our research reports not only contextualise a topic within the global crossborder investment trends, they also identify the regional and local factors that could affect your project. less
  • Obtain an in-depth competitive analysis more
    • The reports allow you to assess the competitive landscape related to your project - for example your city's key advantages in relation to other areas, or how a specific location may be more advantageous for your company. less
  • Leverage the fDi Benchmark Service team's expertise more
    • Benefit from a fully customised research paper, independently undertaken by an experienced team of analysts from the Financial Times Group. less
  • Update your crossborder investment strategy more
    • Use a solid research study, covering all the factors that affect your project, to guide your strategy or update your policy options. less

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