What can we do for consultancies / advisory firms?

fDi Benchmark enables you to respond quickly and convincingly to enquiries, as well as proactively construct business cases for your clients.

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the locations that matter to you and to your clients more
    • Access outputs showing you the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of more than 900 locations worldwide, including graphs that you can add to your presentations.
    • Search through more than 700 Quality and Cost data points for input into both client and internal reports.
    • Rank the locations of your choice across more than 65 different industry sectors. less
  • Trend selected data points more
    • Spot and analyse key developments. Historical data is available for a selection of data points, providing you with the ability to capture emerging trends, as well as changes in the locations of your choice.
    • Explore trends across hundreds of Quality and Cost data points.
    • Customise our sector models to produce operating cost simulations and value proposition reports based on your clients’ requirements for the current year, as well as 3-5 year projections.
    • Investigate salary data on over 200 job positions. less
  • Save time and money more
    • Deliver the independent outputs that you need in minutes, significantly reducing your response time.
    • Filter the output to focus on the information that matters to you - the Key Location feature enables all commentary to be focused on the location of your choice.less
  • Sharpen your marketing & PR more
    • Customise your reports by including your own cover page, contact details and report structure.
    • Download reports and charts in multiple formats.
    • Validate your recommendations and complement your analysis. fDi Benchmark is a credible source of greenfield FDI information, allowing you to add trustworthy data to your reports and white papers, as well as complement your press releases and marketing material. less

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